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For over a decade, the Wisdom Capital asset-backed loan portfolio has generated a solid 6-10% return on investment (ROI), outpacing the market in year-over-year performance and offering a consistent hedge against volatility. Individual accredited investors are able to access a large marketplace of institutional quality mortgage loans sourced and underwritten by industry experts. The Wisdom portfolio is ultimately superior and quantifiably more diverse when compared with current financial institutions or standard marketplace offerings. Comprised of venture capitalist inspired ready cash, assets, and solid cash flow, Wisdom prides ourselves on providing each investor with steady returns and solid growth.



Our bridge loans are asset backed. The loan terms are simple: 1 year, interest only payments followed by a balloon payment at loan maturity. Individual accredited and registered investors can participate in these loans through our online marketplace.


New Borrower or first-time investor? We have you covered. As investors ourselves, we will guide you through our proven process every step of the way. We understand starting a new venture can be overwhelming and we offer full support and expertise to keep you in your comfort zone – your success is our success.


Get pre-approved in as little as 24 hours and close in as few as 3 days. We specialize in asset-backed money lending in the Greater New York Area. This gives us the ability to make decisions faster than anyone in the industry. Since time is money, we are committed to getting you up and going in the shortest possible time.


When you choose Wisdom Capital, we evaluate the profitability of your project to ensure you are successful. During rehab projects we will manage your construction draw schedule in order to protect and safeguard your investment.


New York is our home. Servicing the local community also means having great-local partnerships with – loan officers, appraisers, attorneys, title agents. We have a hand selected team of local professionals who understand the real estate climate in the Big Apple.


Dependability is one of our core values and we promise that we will be at the closing table when you need us. Our goal is to build a strong relationship and grow with our borrowers & investors.

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